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The Music Business isn’t Dying, it Just Doesn’t Favor the Business People Quite as Much.

Last night, I read this article, shared via Facebook by my friend Craig Havighurst. In this interview, Sony Music Nashville Chairman and CEO, Gary Overton, proclaims his undying love for country radio. The first line of the article basically says … Continue reading

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The Bluegrass Brand in the Marketplace.

Much electronic ink has been spilt among ‘grassers over just what the term “Bluegrass Music” ought to mean. Should it be reserved for music made by Monroe himself? Are former Bluegrass Boys also allowed? Is it enough to feature a … Continue reading

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Bluegrass and the Tired Narrative of the Old vs. the New

Bluegrass is a music that has always been vigorous with innovation. From Monroe’s early experiments and Scruggs’ rocketship development of the five-string banjo to the fusions of Dawg Music and the ear-opening playing and compositions of Strength in Numbers, Bluegrass … Continue reading

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