Instruments and Equipment

My primary bass was made in 1934 Mirecourt (the label say “Paris”, but the shop was in Mirecourt), France, in the Collin-Mezin Shop. It was purchased by a dealer from a shop in Versailles in 2012 and brought to the US where it was regraduated by Arnold Schnitzer.

I play a Chadwick Folding Bass on the road and at certain gigs around Nashville.

My primary bow was made in 1980 by Jon Vanderhorst. I prefer white hair and I use a small latex grip.

I am currently using Fishman Full-Circle pickups on my basses, along with a variety of electronics and amplifiers.

I use and endorse Peterson Tuners and Fishman Transducers

2 Responses to Instruments and Equipment

  1. John says:

    Is your Collin Mezin for sale? If so, please contact me. Thanks

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