Well, this Summer has flown by. I’ve been able to play a lot at some terrific places with Detour, and I’ve been able to play as a sub with some of my favorite bands. I’ll spare all the gory details, suffice to say that it has been a lot of fun! To cap off what has been a great few months, a few weeks ago Detour was nominated for IBMA’s Emerging Artist of the Year award. It feels unbelievably satisfying to receive that kind of recognition as part of a band that I really enjoy playing hanging out with. Fall and Winter usually mean time in the woodshed, and I hope that turns out to be the case. I’ve been chipping away at on online lesson series for Bluegrass bass, tour season has stalled taping and editing but more videos are on the way. You can check out the series so far here.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for a detailed account of some of my favorite festivals of the Summer.


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