Maintaining a Professional Demeanor. Or, Stop It You Knuckleheads!

Moments ago, I read a short rant on social media, written by one well-known Bluegrass professional, about another. This little gem was based on something yet another well known Bluegrass person had mentioned earlier, also on social media.

Whatever your feelings may be about the recent turbulence on the IBMA board, IBMA itself, WOB, the Dobro in Bluegrass, etc., you are delusional if you think professional Bluegrass will be painted by the rest of the world with anything other than a single brush.

More simply, the rest of the music/cultural/arts community does not care about the factions that have formed. They do not care about the ins and outs of recent infighting or old arguments. They will only see a group of people, hotly bickering with one-another over nothing that they understand.

Then they will be on their way.

Bluegrass musicians, writers, journalists, etc. need to be able to work as much as possible. We need to be seen as a professional, agreeable and reasonable group. We must be folks that other folks want to work with. Bickering on the internet makes it harder to accomplish this. If you have a disagreement that cannot remain civil, have it privately. Online flame wars are the territory of adolescents.

So knock it off!

All of you!

Some of us have kids to feed!


One reply on “Maintaining a Professional Demeanor. Or, Stop It You Knuckleheads!”

Regrettable for sure, but its the way of the internet- post a pointed reply instead of picking up the phone, and calling to say how you feel directly. Then it would be settled. Unfortunately, these posts can be reactivated later with a reply. They never seem to die a quick death.

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