Back on the Road, and U.K. Tour!

It’s been an extremely busy few months! Fall tour, the IBMA business conference, and the accompanying Wide Open Bluegrass Festival were a lot of fun for me personally and for the band. We played great shows and showcases, including the absolutely incredible Volcano Room at Bluegrass Underground! We made tons of new friends and capped it all off with an indoor set to a packed ballroom at the Raleigh Convention Center, while Hurricane Joaquin raged outside, and an outdoor set opening for the Traveling McCourys at the Three Sisters Festival in Chattanooga the next day.  It gave me an incredible feeling in Raleigh to see hundreds of packed seats in front with a huge crowd of dancers silhouetted in the back of the hall! Thank you to everyone who braved the storm in North Carolina and Tennessee to join us, you guys are the reason that we do it! Also, the city of Raleigh and Pine Cone deserve massive credit for successfully moving the entire event indoors without a hitch. Bravo!

Front Country is wrapping up our U.S. dates for the year, but we’re not close to done. In one week we’ll fly into Heathrow to begin our first tour of the United Kingdom, to say that we’re excited would be a big understatement. I’m going to do my best to post regularly during the tour, in the meantime you can learn more about our U.K. dates and more: here. In addition to tour prep, we’re all listening to the first round of mastered tracks for an E.P. of cover songs that we recorded this summer. We’ve covered (so to speak) a lot of musical ground in just five tracks, some of it is sure to be familiar, some of it might be new to you. Either way it’s sounding terrific! It will be ready soon and we can’t wait to share it with you!


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