UK Tour, Day 1.

It took a day and a half to get here, but here we are in Southport, UK, to play at The Atkinson tonight. All of our luggage and gear arrived with us relatively unscathed, a minor feat. An old crack in my travel bass reopened, I hope it will be stable enough to make it through the tour. Once I’m back in Nashville it will be easy to get it fixed. Otherwise, we’re in fine shape.

Southport is a pretty charming place by the sea, it’s a resort town with a few small amusement parks and a pier. Leif and I went for a nice run this morning in an effort to blow out some of the cobwebs of travel and to help get through the jet lag faster. That’s the result we’re hoping for anyway. So far, so good.

We have a driver/tour manager working with us named Gerry. He’s an old-school road guy and has worked with some pretty great bands, he dropped the name Fishbone on us yesterday and that got my attention. He had worked with them on an earlt Lollapalooza tour where he was responsible for wrangling the giant fish they had on stage every night. I think ol’ Gerry is full of stories and I’m looking forward to hearing them.

There’s a lot more ahead, we ‘ll take a ferry to the Isle of Man for a show at the Centenary Centre  for an 8PM show. You can see the rest of our tour itinerary over at the Front Country Tour Page.  

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