UK Tour Blog 3

A great gig, a late night pub hang, an early ferry trip, another great gig later and we’re back in England, in Yorkshire. Last night we played to a packed house at the Centenary Center on the Isle of Man and again the crowd was incredibly enthusiastic. We didn’t have time to see much of the island but our host, a band manager turned B+B proprietor named Shazz, took us to the local pub, The White House. The place must have been hundreds of years old and was quiet and cozy as could be. We had a pint or two or three of the local favorite and great chats with some new friends. It was a bit of a late night but we managed to make to the 8:00 AM ferry back to England and caught a few extra winks after hiding ourselves away in some of the quieter areas of the ship.

Once we got off the boat we zipped across the country(!) to a sold-out show at the Selby Town Hall and once again the crowd was fantastic! Selby is a lovely little town and the town hall is converted church built in the 1860s. The sound and vibe in the room were wonderful, once again we felt right at home from “go”. We played two sets and finished up on the floor with an acoustic encore of Family Band and the crowd nearly drowned us out with their singing. Thanks for being amazing, Selby!

After the gig we went back to the hotel, where I’m writing this, and Gerry, our tour manager, put on BBC 4; now we’re blissfully watching vintage highlights from Top of the Pops. It’s been a great day, we’re on to Saltburn by the Sea tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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