UK Tour Blog 5, Scotland!

We’re in Scotland!

Today we made the rainy drive from Saltburn to Irvine for our first show in Scotland. Irvine looks on the north Atlantic and is as starkly beautiful place as I have been. We played at the Harbour Arts Center, a small and really great-sounding venue (Special thanks to tonight’s soundman, Jordan.)  to a fantastic crowd. Scotland is quite a bit more rugged that England is, and I think we’re just getting started. Tuesday we’re playing with Vasen in Kilbarchan, but tomorrow is a day off and Gerry is going to drop us in Glasgow in the morning. I’m really excited to see Glasgow for the first time, we’ll start at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and go from there. I’ve heard a bit about the whisky and the curries here and I think I’ll give both a try.

. IMG_2639 IMG_2642 IMG_2643

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