Uk Tour #7, Väsen and Laundry!

Yesterday evening we had the incredible experience of sharing a bill with Väsen at the Kilbarchan Performing Arts Centre; but first we had to do laundry. If an army marches on its’ stomach, a touring band band marches on clean clothes. We spent a few hours in downtown Paisley getting the washing done, then it was back to the hotel for a short break before it was time to head to Kilbarchan for the nights’ show.

If you don’t know them Väsen is a Swedish band of the very highest caliber. They play original and traditional  Swedish tunes, as well as some older obscure ones, with really exciting arrangements and a sparkling level of musicianship. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of musicians so in tune with one another. They’re a very friendly bunch of guys and it’s clear that their good nature and generosity help make it possible to do what they do.  It was an absolute pleasure to share a bill with them and to get to know them a little bit over the evening! Our set was fun, but it was a little distracting to see Väsen silhouetted at the back of the hall (All three of them are huge!) watching us play. As usual, the crowd was fantastic. It was a great night!

Thanks for reading!


IMG_2654 IMG_2661 IMG_2659

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