UK Tour Blog 11, Findhorn.

The ride from Glenbuchat to Findhorn was another one for the books. There was more snow on the mountains and the roads were a bit steeper. The weather had gotten colder but the sheep were still out on the hillside, seeming not to notice the chill at all. We rolled past The Glenlivet distillery, we’re in highland malt country,  and through a few small towns on our way to the North Sea and Findhorn.

Last evenings’ gig was at Universal Hall in the community of Findhorn. The community was planned as a bit of an alternative living environment, if I understand correctly. It’s a cozy place right on the North Sea. I suppose you have to make it a cozy place if you’re planning a community on the North Sea. The hall itself is beautiful, with an enormous glass entryway inset with a double door which itself wears a pair of leaded glass wings. It was impressive during the day, but positively stunning at night. The crowd was a bit more polite at the show, but came to the CD table in droves, so I suppose we made a good impression on them. We’re a double in Dundee and Edinburgh today, so it’s time to get rolling.

Thanks for reading.


IMG_2749 IMG_2743 IMG_2745 IMG_2747

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