Tour Blog 14, Tuppenny Barn, Elmsworth

The Drive from Norwich to Elsmworth took most of our day today, thanks a mercifully late 10:00 AM start and some London traffic. Elmsworth is a quaint town in southern England and is full of some fantastic people. We didn’t have time to explore today, but  we did have the chance to take a peek around the venue, called Tuppenny Barn. The barn itself is a cobb building, and is a really pleasant public space attached to an organic farm. We were treated to a loud, standing-room crowd tonight, we came out past the monitors for an acoustic encore and I didn’t think they were going to let us go. Thank you, Elmsworth, we’ll see you again!

Tomorrow we play at the legendary Square and Compass in Worth Matravers. We’ll have a chance to visit the Jurassic Coast and enjoy what I have been told are the best homemade cider and pasties to be found.


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